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GIS Services Outsourcing

In the current corporate environment, outsourcing has made itself accessible to many organizations on a national and international level. Through outsourcing, companies have the ability to develop competitive strategies that will leverage their financial as well as technical advancement positions. In India, the technology and management experts are available to help global organizations in accomplishing their business goals and objectives.

Dimension India GIS is an organization that strives to be the gloabl service provider of GIS mapping services and solutions. We endeavor to provide best-in-class GIS services to companies requiring help in getting spatial information mapped and interpreted. The vast amount of knowledge that

our consultants incur privileges our clients in incorporating innovative ways to get feasible solutions.

We have cutting edge knowledge of data mapping, feature extraction / compilation, management of information and integrating enterprises thru GIS expertise

GIS Mapping: Providing ready to use data

Earlier Geologists, Oceanographers, urban developers, land planners, and foresters used to work hard to gather information for their use. But after GIS mapping has entered the world of technology, these professionals work by using this spatial data as an essential component for planning any project. This database provides sheer information concerned with the topic and even forecasts changes after development.

This system provides valuable data for professional help that works best for the projects. It helps through the enlisted points:

  • Sharing of data
  • Enables analysis
  • Spatial manipulation enacts as effective tool
  • Incurs visualization
  • Combines spatial and non spatial data for analysis GIS service pools the data to accelerate the working procedure and increase the effectiveness to improve solutions.
  • Better decision-making- GIS solutions provides spatial information which depicts the physical and social characteristics of that place, hence provides witness for better decision making ideas.
  • Combined data storage- Data being shared at a single location can help in increasing healthy communication between colleagues. It even facilitates the organization to get the information at one place and enhances the efficiency of work.
  • Visualization- Urban planners and developers get enough of knowledge about the landscapes, land leveling and market localization and population distribution for performing relevant calculations. This system provides basis for physical future visualization.

We are outsourcing GIS to companies the world over and are seeking for long term business relations. We promise to provide focused growth by the creative job done by skilled professionals and improved performance at effective cost.